Things we often hear from people who have tried couples work with a previous therapist are...It seemed the therapist was "biased" because of their gender... Or the therapist seemed to "side with" the other spouse...Or the therapist "ganged up on me."  We neutralize all of these potential blocks working as a team with you.  

We can speak from our own experience living life as a man and a woman.   There is no substitute for the perspective that comes from walking through life as a male or female. Even though we have each devoted considerable effort to learn the experience and "speak the language" of the other gender, we haven't lived as the opposite.  Like every married person, we have each had to deal with the struggle to understand what the other experiences, and to adapt personally to what that means for our relationship.

There is a unique source of learning in being able to watch us demonstrate the skills we teach people.  This offers you a glimpse both of what the skills look like in practice, and one couple's journey understanding themselves and their experience in the closest relationship of life.  Being able to step out of your own "dance" you do with your partner and listen in on another couples' dance, you can see more objectively how this works.

You will have two professional perspectives in all moments of the intensives.  This means at times we may see things in a different way and collaborate with one another while you listen in on our discussion, providing a rich learning environment.  And with two unique skill sets, couples report that they feel like they are getting double the impact. 

We strongly believe that couples come to us wanting guidance.  Many couples share their frustration that they are tired of just being "listened to" in therapy.  Therefore, we are very active in our work with couples.  We believe with the latest findings in what makes relationships work, we can pinpoint quickly what isn't working and help turn it around.  And...we can help you build on each other's unique strengths to create a firm foundation for change.