Often in traditional couples therapy,  just when you feel you're almost to a breakthrough, the session ends on the hour.  Then you can forget what you were learning before you come back for the next session, or you can get distracted by life and not practice some of the tools taught to you in the previous session.  We get it because we experience this all the time in our work with couples doing a traditional format.  This is why we have developed and are so passionate about Couples Breakthrough intensives...We believe this format can lead to more lasting change.

With extended time, you will build on each insight gained, not only learning a concept, but actually experiencing what it is like to make the changes.  We will teach you new tools that are scientifically proven to lead to a deeper sense of connection and a stronger bond between the two of you. You will also have opportunity to go deeper, both in learning about yourself and your partner, as well as finally understanding why you repeat the same old steps in your "dance".  With two therapists actively working alongside you, we will hone in on breaking through the patterns that aren't working and building upon your strengths as a couple.  There are no distractions and no time wasted repeating the old mistakes and losing heart when it gets into the same place of being stuck.  

We provide a variety of formats and have unparalleled flexibility working as a therapist team.  Depending on the issues at hand, we typically recommend our couples go through the assessment process upfront so that we can create the most effective roadmap for change. We offer 1-4 day intensives, though recommend at least 2 days for the most lasting change to occur.  While we most commonly meet with one couple at a time, we also offer a cost effective group format which allows you to hear from other couples while learning some of the key principles and skills we teach couples.  Once we hear the issues at hand, we will make recommendations accordingly. 

Our intensives can be scheduled in either our East Bay or North Lake Tahoe offices.  They can be linked to vacation times, or structured within the work week.  We also offer followup coaching as an option... practical guidance in between intensive sessions, or as a followup to ensure regular focus on objectives gained form the intensives.  In each case, you will have access to one or both of us, so you can have custom choices for what works best for you.