We utilize an array of clinical assessments... proven, scientific psychological tests that save you time and money by providing a clear picture of where you're at, and a clear roadmap of where to go next.  We will know before you meet with us what is fundamental to your personalities and the most effective areas to focus on to meet each other's deepest needs.  In the beginning of your time with us, we explain the results of the tests to you and show you what is really going on in your relationship under the surface.  We then develop a strategy for change unique to you as a couple built upon this deeper understanding.

Many couples report that the assessments alone are life changing with regards to how they see themselves and their partner, providing new clarity that is refreshing and a picture that finally makes sense.  

We offer our assessments as a stand alone service as well as alongside our intensives. Or, if you are currently working with a couples therapist, with your permission we can conduct the assessments and then consult with your therapist based upon the findings to aid them in their work with you.  

Been together for awhile?  You most likely have experienced something every relationship goes through.  We get "stuck" in seemingly endless repeating patterns of problems that can cause dissatisfaction.  These assessments quickly reveal what is keeping you stuck and provide a laser beam focus to your game plan with each other, efficiently moving you toward the results you long for.

Contemplating Marriage?  We can uncover core issues that will most impact your marriage in the future.  Invest up front and give your marriage the best chance to succeed.  Assessments reveal fundamental issues that typically emerge years down the road and result in couples seeking therapy...or worse, splitting up.  We can identify potentially destructive patterns that are worth paying attention to before deciding to commit. Especially if you have gone through a divorce and are considering re-marrying, you know how much divorce costs emotionally, financially and spiritually.  Help ensure that you and your partner have the awareness and skills needed for a life giving relationship before your marry.

Happy in your relationship, but want to keep growing and make it even better?  Assessments can bring out new aspects of the relationship you may not have thought of that allow greater satisfaction or a deeper sense of connection.  They can also help you discover things that may not be problems now, but could cause trouble in the future if you aren't expecting it.  

Assessments are a short-cut to understanding the ways each of us need to be loved, as they are a way to measure and quantify the "imprint"... or traces of early experiences that control our behavior.  You see, the real story of each one of us grew out of a mixture of good things and pain.  In our first few years of life, before we were even aware of it, we developed our natural, characteristic ways of behaving...learning ways we trusted the good and coped with the not so good.  Our unconscious ways of coping with pain are the core of what goes wrong in our intimate relationships.  When we understand the origin of our own and our partner's "bad behavior" we look at it in a whole new way, giving us a foundation of genuine acceptance and compassion.